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Temagami boasts hundreds of lakes, large and small.
Whatever you fish for, it's almost certainly found here.
Wilderness fishing can be found by travelling a short distance to any
of Temagami's surrounding back lakes.

In the summer months at our fishing resort, Jumping Caribou lake provides plentiful fishing in Ontario for Northern pike, pickerel (walleye), lake trout and smallmouth bass. You can fish off the docks, or rent a boat and troll Jumping Caribou Lake. Our boats can be rented out by the day, or by the week. See our pricing page on boat and motor rentals.

Fishermen, if you have your own boat, we can launch and dock it for you.

Winter ice fishing in Temagami is just as pleasurable on Jumping Caribou Lake.

Ravenscroft Lodge Cottages has a wide selection of other lakes for you to fish. If you are interested in fishing our back lakes for Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Whitefish, Pickerel, or Smallmouth Bass, you may want to try your luck on the back lakes: Angus, Waha, or Ingall, just a short portage away. There are many lakes in the surrounding area to fish and explore. Guiding services are available upon request, just bring your fishing gear and enjoy a shore lunch of fresh fish.

Here at Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort you'll enjoy great fishing, and all the amenities you need for a Temagami vacation like no other.

Temagami Fishing Resort

Spend your Ontario Fishing Vacation at Ravenscroft Lodge Cottage Resort on Jumping Caribou Lake

In addition, we reward people for choosing to release the larger, spawning fish by offering you a discounted rate for your stay. Keep in mind that you may still keep fish for a fish fry or to take home:

Take your kids fishing in Temagami

Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort is long know for being one of the great Temagami fishing resorts! Whether you are an experienced angler or fishing for the first time, you will find that Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort on beautiful Jumping Caribou Lake is a great place to spend your Ontario fishing vacation. Fishing is a great outdoor activity that you can enjoy even if this is your first trip to Temagami. It provides a great chance to get together with family and fishing friends, or the perfect excuse to spend time away from the pressures of everyday city life. For some, fishing is an occasional hobby, but for others, it is a lifelong pursuit.

We have some good size lake trout fishing in Temagami lakes.

Jumping Caribou Lake and the back lakes offer some of the best walleye, bass, and pike fishing found in the Temagami and Marten River lakes area. Most of the walleye population range in ages of 5 years or less. Some of the best tasting walleye you'll find. Northern pike, bass and perch fish of every species are well established and common. If you haven't fished the Temagami chain of lakes, you are missing out on a Temagami experience to be long remembered.

The variety of Temagami fishing that you can experience in our area lakes is second to none.

Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort specializes in providing year round fishing fun. A Temagami family fishing resort vacations and awesome fishing on Jumping Caribou Lake.

A True Temagami Fishing Resort in Ontario

Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort is a fishing vacation resort located on Jumping Caribou Lake home to walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, perch and other species of gamefish in our back lakes. The resort is situated on the east side of the lake. Jumping Caribou Lake is part of the Temagami chain of lakes - well-known for providing anglers with great walleye fishing as well as terrific northern and bass action. Tackle, live bait, gas and oil are available at the resort. We have a fish cleaning house and plenty of freezer space to store your catch. Boat and motor rentals are available and we offer a private boat ramp for launching your own boat. There is plenty of dock space and good fishing right off the dock. We also offer weekly sessions with area fishing guides that are a great source information. Guests can pick up fishing tips and techniques from the pros and have the chance to ask questions. So whether you are looking to relax with the family on the shore of beautiful Jumping Caribou Lake or want to challenge that walleye, northern pike, bass or back lake trout, Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort is the Temagami Fishing Resort for you.

We keep our fishing guest happy

There are more walleye fishing lakes in the Temagami and Marten River area than an angler could fish during one summer or fall fishing vacation and the quality and quantity of fishing opportunities are the best!

Fishing Northern Pike in Temagami

Temagami spring is a wonderful time to visit Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort! Opening weekend of fishing season is one of the best holiday in northern Ontario, as many take to the lakes after the long winter months. Fish are hungry and some of the best stringers of the year are caught in shallow water in May and early June. Jumping Caribou Lake is an especially good fishing lake in the spring, so make plans with your friends to spend a weekend or a week making memories at our fishing resort!

Spring fishing in Temagami

Spring is one of the best times of the year to fish successfully for all species of sport fish. The cause is two-fold. First of all, the long winter and the riggers of spawning have created huge appetites in the fish. Secondly, food sources are in short supply since baitfish populations have been eaten down throughout the winter and new food sources (such as fry of the year and insects) haven’t developed yet.

Most fishing guides prefer to use their own boat. However, if you are renting one of our boats, some guides are available to fish from those boats starting at $150. Our fishing guide reservations should be made in advance.

Our Temagami and Marten River fishing guides eliminate the guesswork.

Jump start your Temagami fishing vacation successfully with the assistance of our expert fishing guides. First time and longtime visitors to Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort will agree that guides are the key to finding and catching fish. Treat yourself to an unforgettable fishing day on the lake! Gain knowledge, and technique from the most educated fishing guides in the Temagami area. Use your new skills and reap the rewards!

  • Our fishing guides have years of experience on the Temagami area lakes.
  • They know daily exactly what technique, location, depths and how fish are biting in a variety of conditions.
  • Our fishing guides have the most up to date equipment and tackle.
  • Our fishing guides know how to catch fish and cook them over an open fire for a tasty, mouthwatering, shorelunch of a lifetime.
  • Our fishing guides produce results.

Other lakes we fish in Temagami and Marten River area.

  • Angus Lake
  • Brophy Lake
  • Cassels Lake
  • Chambers Lake
  • Cross Lake
  • Duncan Lake
  • Gull Lake
  • Herridge Lake
  • Ingall Lake
  • James Lake
  • Lady Evelyn Lake
  • Lake Temagami
  • Lowell Lake
  • Martin Lake
  • Net Lake
  • Obabika Lake
  • Obashkong Lake
  • Rabbit Lake
  • Rib Lake
  • Red Squirrel Lake
  • Tent Lake
  • Twin Lake
  • Wasaksina Lake
  • Wilson Lake

Evening walleye fishing in Jumping Caribou Lake

Temagami fall fishing is probably the finest time of the year in northern Ontario. Fish are moving into the shallows again, actively looking for food sources. It's the best time of the year for fishing on Jumping Caribou Lake and anglers will also virtually have the lake to themselves as the tourism season is over by the end of August and locals are usually the only anglers on Jumping Caribou Lake.

Ice Fishing on Temagami and Marten River area lakes.

Jumping Caribou Lake in Temagami is popular with local angling. The lake sends an angler home with his supper most of the time or at least with a memory of a good fight. In the winter, find yourself an ice fishing hut at Ravenscroft LodgeCottage Resort, and drop in a line. But, one of the best ways to fight off the winter blues is to spend some time in an ice fishing hut with a fishing buddy and do some Ice Fishing in Temagami.

Ravenscroft Lodge
19 Jumping Caribou Rd
Temagami Ontario
P0H 2H0 Canada
Phone: (705) 569-3865



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