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Summer Activity in Temagami and Marten River area.

Summer in the north is full of possibilities! Learn how much you can do in a day without a TV or a video machine. By the day, explore the back lakes by boat, canoe, kayak or hiking the back country. Spend the day fishing alone or with a Temagami guide for Walleye, Lake Trout, Small Mouth Bass or Northern Pike. Take time to look at the plants and wildflowers growing along the hiking trails and back roads. Hike up to the high cliffs, have lunch up there and take a nap on the warm rock - just relax. Return for an early evening drive to look for wildlife down some of the old logging roads. In the evening, sit around a camp fire sharing your fishing experience of the day, telling about the BIG one that got away or; gaze at the stars and satillites in the sky and maybe, be lucky and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Sit down and play cards or a board game with your family and friends. It’s not about fitting everything into the time you have here, it’s about enjoying what you do experience. Relax . . . that’s what vacations are for. Besides . . . you can always come back another time.

Whether you're into fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, dog sledding, snow shoeing, crosscountry skiing, or viewing the wildlife - at Ravenscroft Cottages, our all-season resort ensures that there is always something to do. If you prefer the quiet life, our lakefront housekeeping cottages are the perfect place to just sit, relax and read a good book.

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Summer Activities in Temagami

  • Fishing Boats
  • Floating Deck & Diving Raft
  • Sunbathing Deck
  • Horseshoes
  • Canoe Rentals
  • Dock Fishing
  • Fire Pit
  • Playground
  • Hiking Trails
  • Swimming

Fishing in Temagami and area lakes

Fishing remains one of Temagami's biggest attractions for a family vacation or day trip and Ravenscroft Cottages is one of the most relaxing fishing resorts in Temagami. Fishermen from a wide area come to Temagami for its excellent healthy fish stocks and fishing Ontario's lakes remains one of the most rewarding activities for a family vacation.

Temagami and Marten River guided fishing for walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and northern pike! For those who love to fish but have never fished our lakes or for those who don’t want to bother with trying to fish while driving the boat and untangling fishing lines, we offer guided fishing trips into Temagami and Marten River area lakes. Local area guides will take you to the best fishing spots for the time of year, wind and weather conditions in mind. To fish in Canada you will need to obtain a Canadian Fishing license. Guides will take up to 3 people in their boat, and usually fish from 8am – 3 or 4pm.

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Swimming diving in our Temagami lakes


Kid's activities at our resort bring lots of fun in the sun. Take a refreshing swim in the heat of the day, in the beautifully clean waters of Jumping Caribou Lake. The gradual decline of the shore means that our lake is ideal for younger children around the shoreline, for more experienced swimmers, the diving dock provides hours of fun. The children's water slide adds more enjoyment to their playtime activities, as does the challenge of who can build the biggest and best sandcastle, meanwhile, mom and dad get some time to themselves.

Swimming: Jumping Caribou Lake is large and clean! Swimming is usually in full swing by July, though a hot June will get us all in early. Shallow bays at the ends of the lake offer warmer temperatures earlier and a great option for a boating swimming excursion. For families with young toddlers, we often suggest a nearby sand beach, that offers an extremely shallow sandy bottom bay for an afternoon picnic lunch and swimming. We have a sandy beach area at the waterfront for sunning, playing in the sand or having a picnic lunch.

Temagami Hiking Trails

A Temagami Trail

Temagami has an expanding system of many wilderness trails for people of all ages and abilities to explore. A variety of hiking experiences for every day! Whether it’s a short hike to Jumping Caribou Lake's look-out point or Jumping Caribou Lake lookout, we have a hike to suit all groups. Here, at Ravenscroft Cottages, we will be happy to direct you to any of the four-season trails close to our resort. As winter comes, the trails in Temagami become even more impressive, as they are blanketed in powder-white snow.

Here is a list of trails found in the Temagami White Bear Forest:

  • Old Fire Ranger Trail
  • Red Fox Trail
  • Beaver Trail
  • Caribou Trail
  • Peregrine Trail
  • Bear Trail
  • Otter Trail

The Ferguson Trail is located at the north end of Lake Temagami near Sandy Inlet and can also be accessed from the Red Squirrel Road or by water. This trail features a climb up Ferguson Mountain to a height of 123 meters above Lake Temagami. Both Maple Mountain and the Ishpatina Ridge (Ontario's highest point) are visible from the summit. The trail system runs south to Kokoko Lake for those desiring an extended hike.

TheWhite Bear Forest is a conservation area and is within an hours' walk from the village of Temagami or Finlayson Point Provincial Park. A viewing platform located on the highest point of Caribou Mountain provides a spectacular outlook of Temagami, Lake Temagami and the surrounding area and is the 'high point' of Temagami.

Camping & overnight trips in Temagami

Whether you’re camped in one of our campsites or are staying in one of our cabins you may wish to take an overnight trip into the back lakes. We can help you with basic information, permits, maps and basic gear. Plan ahead or throw together an offhand trip. We’ll do what we can to help make you’re experience memorable.

Canoeing the Temagami Area Lakes

Canoeing on Angus Lake

Temagami contains over 8,000 square kilometres of interconnecting canoe routes. Ravenscroft Cottages is located in the heart of Ontario's premier canoeing area which is regarded as Canada's largest interconnected canoe route system. For the more experienced canoeists, canoeing in Ontario on the wild rivers, adjoining wetlands, rock and pine clad lakes, provide breathtaking scenery and an incredible wilderness adventure. Canoes can be rented at Ravenscroft or you may bring your own if you have one. Canoeing in Temagami opens up a whole new adventure in your Temagami vacation and will provide countless hours of fun on the water while remaining one of the very best ways to see wildlife in Ontario's Near North.

Boating, canoeing & kayaking; explore the bays at the end of the lake or take a day trip up the Marten River system or into the surrounding lakes. Take an early morning paddle along the shoreline, watch the mist rising off the lake, hear the slap of a beaver tail. Watch for an otter at play or round a point to find a mother cow and calf moose dining on the tender roots of the shoreline weeds & lily pads. Once you’ve tried it nothing will compare.

Winter Activities in Temagami

Dog Sledding

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Experience a dogsledding vacation in Temagami's winter outdoors. Siberian and Eskimo huskies will pull you and your sled through the white snow-capped forests and magnificent wilderness trails to your heated outpost camp around 30 km away. Here, you will settle the dogs down for the night, light a fire, and enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal. After a busy day dogsledding in Ontario, the end of the day is signalled by a chorus of dogs howling at the northern lights. After a good night's sleep, you'll be fresh for the next days' scenic journey. All of the dogs have an excellent temperament and have been bred to work as a well-managed team. The guides have extensive knowledge of the arctic and northern bush. They will show you the dogsledding and camping skills needed to survive away and in camp. They are also trained in first aid and emergency management for the wilderness.

Snow Shoeing in Temagami Back Lakes and Logging Roads

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Snow shoeing is the perfect way to see the Temagami winter wonderland. With boundless forest, you can snow shoe through well-established trails or make your own. Hiking in Temagami winter is possible and we'll lead you on the best hikes in Temagami for this time of year. There are excellent trails for two-hour treks for tots, day trips, and multi-day winter camping trips for those daring to try sleeping in a tent or lean-to. On a guided Temagami winter hike you will find the weather is cool and crisp and sometimes it is snowing or raining, which you don't mind with proper clothing. When the ground is white, you'll notice everything else in detail...tree bark, birds, exposed rocks, ice flows and winter lakes. The best part is discovering the tracks and movement patterns of animals through the snow. Your guide will talk about the natural and cultural history of the Temagami area and there's always a chance of seeing wildlife.

Welcome to the thrill of Temagami and Marten River snowmobiling!

Snowmobiling Temagami

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All of us here at Ravenscroft Cottage Resort would like to show you the true enjoyment of snowmobiling in the Temagami and Marten River area. We are located a short distance from the snowmobiling trail, surrounded by some of the most beautiful forest in Temagami. If you are just a novice snowmobiler or if you have been snowmobiling for years, you will find that this area will satisfied your thrill of snowmobiling. There are hundreds of miles of groomed trails to take you to any area of Temagami or Marten River. You will see sights that very few people will ever get the chance to see.

Snowmobiling is one of Temagami's fastest growing trail activities. Explore Temagami in a way like no other, through the many groomed snowmobile trails in Ontario. Temagami is located on the 120 kilometre long Canadian Trans-Ontario Provincial (TOP) trail system, linking to Sudbury, south to North Bay, and further north to the Province of Quebec. Experience the thrill of racing across the frozen Temagami lakes and cruising through the forest trails.

So come on and join us for a day of fun that you won't forget. You'll be glad that you took the time to Snowmobile Temagami!

Cross-Country Skiing in Temagami

If it's cross-country skiing you're looking for, then look no further. At Ravenscroft Cottages, see the wonders of a Temagami winter. Ravenscroft is surrounded by lake and forest and in the winter, the scenery is spectacular.


Weather permitting, a skating rink will be available for your pleasure.

Temagami Caribou Mountain and Fire Tower:

The 100' high Temagami Fire Tower stands on the summit of Caribou Mountain, 400' above the town and 1300' above sea level. It is just one kilometer from Ontario's historic Yonge Street (Highway 11 ) and is the highest lookout point along this route.

The cupola at the top of the tower commands a view in excess of 40 kilometers, overlooking Finlayson Provincial Park, the White Bear Forest with its stands of old growth pine and the town's Portage Bay with its floatplane base and water traffic. Remnants of the historic Ferguson Highway and the sites of old mining and logging operations can also be identified.

Prominent features in the landscape include the lakes supporting Ontario Hydro's Matabitchuan Dam and the TransCanada Pipeline serving the industrial heartland of Southern Ontario.

Nothing compares to actually visiting the Tower Site in person.  There is a per person admission fee (children 6 years and under get in free).  This gives you access to all that the Caribou Mountain/Temagami Fire Tower has to offer including hiking trails, Interpretive Centre, picnic areas, viewing platforms, etc.  You can also purchase season passes from the Interpretive Centre to enjoy a whole season's worth of visits with friends and family.  You can also enjoy the tour in a motorized 5 passenger golf cart.

And make sure you hike or bike the network of trails through the White Bear Forest.

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